Passionate About Creating Lasting Change

I think I'm like most people that buy a fitness program. I had a wedding and I didn't want the pictures to haunt me forever. So I thought, I'll look good for this. I worked hard, had the wedding, looked great, and went back to my lifestyle before eating "healthy" and exercising.

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Months pass. I'm heading home from teaching, drive over some railroad tracks and feel my fat jiggle. I was more than embarrassed. I was shocked. Had I really gotten to that point without noticing? Turns out I weighed more than I did before the wedding. So I dusted off my workout DVDs and went for round two. This time I wasn't just aiming for a date or an event. I don’t even think it was for a number, I just wanted to feel good, look good and stop jiggling. 

Then just after I finished round 2, my mom gets diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. It wasn’t just about me anymore, and my fitness goals, it was bigger than me. It was the beginning of my mission to learn as much as I could to help my mom.

I learned as much as I could handle about nutrition about mindset and about the psychology behind making a positive change stick. I started to feel like I was learning health “secrets” and everything I learned, I passed on to my mom. Including nutrition. I didn’t blindly choose a type of eating; I researched the hell out of it before I started using it.

I was eager to learn even more about a different style of nutritional healing. After I finished, my mom, my family, anyone who would listen was next.  And a few years later, with everything combined, my mom’s cancer was in remission. 


Good news kept coming, my wife and I have a daughter. Our wonderful baby girl who at 15 months was diagnosed with severe neutropenia. It meant she didn't have enough white blood cells to fight bacteria. So we were told to stay home in a bubble life and I kept learning. What's the best food for her to eat, what are the best homeopathic, eastern, western, anything medicines to help her hopefully outgrown this? I left no stone unturned; if it would provide any benefits for our daughter, we were doing it. She even would help us make her “healthy shake” every day. 


We poured all of our focus into her; what parent wouldn’t? A combination of stress, lack of sleep, you name it, and I started gaining weight yet again. That familiar unhealthy version of me was staring back in the mirror and I thought, is this really the example you’re planning to set? Being unhealthy? Being a victim of life’s circumstances? Just then, in that moment, I woke up and had this leverage on myself that made me take action. It’s like what the airlines tell you, secure your oxygen mask first. I started prioritizing my health too, again. I took full advantage of the tools I had, my continued love of healthy eating, workouts, clean supplements. I had my share of injuries along the way and the selection from online workouts, allowed me to shift to a different set of workouts. With my new leverage, I decided to focus on what I could do vs what I couldn’t. 

Over time, some things our doctors said just didn’t add up for my daughter’s Neutropenia and we pursued a second opinion. And as we were given the glorious most incredible news from our new doctor that our daughter could live a normal life, with playgrounds, adventures, and everything she’d been missing, out of nowhere, my mom was given a few months left to live. But in the tough times, when my mom lost her 8-year battle, when my daughter broke my heart saying her toys were her friends because it wasn't safe for her to go out on play dates, I can truly say, if it wasn't for what I learned, the path I was on, the resources I had, I wouldn't have been able to handle those times and also find the strength to grow from them too.  

Changing my health and mindset, didn't just change my life, it altered my course. Now that my daughter can live a normal life, I’m committed even more to be healthier, have more energy and be the dad I want to be and when my wife and I renew our vows, and we take those pictures, I’m going to be so proud of them and not just superficially. 

It's that I have better health, a better mindset, better relationships and I'm a better person. I know that for a fact. This wasn't just a physical transformation, it was an everything transformation.  I reflect back to an lesson my mom taught me from, which was to be the light and inspire goodness.  Whether it’s from guiding and supporting my family and kids, helping a friend or influencing a complete stranger. The world needs more of it. We get back only what we give.