Because true happiness doesn't come from a scale



I don't just help people lose weight. That's only a piece of the puzzle and it doesn't last. Think about it, how many times have you "started" a new diet/workout/helpful book and found yourself back where you started. Fuck that!


Not only do I want you to drop weight physically but metaphorically too! I'm talkin' baggage, hangups, escapisms, and worries that are weighing you down like ton of bricks.


How I Can

Help You

  • 1-on-1 personal strategy

  • Connect weekly via phone or video sessions for 30 minutes

  • Have access to personal direct text messaging 

  • Receive uniquely personalized adaptive nutrition plan

  • Learn how to set & track nutritional goals

  • Discover specifically what works for you

  • Learn how to set & track personal goals

  • Identify and use your personal motivation

  • Recognize self-sabotaging behaviors

  • Apply personal leverage to take consistent action

  • Analyze and adjust plan in order to prevent plateaus